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Kidpreneurs Ghana

Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower a new generation of African entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What we do


Kidpreneurs Ghana exists to spark an entrepreneurial and leadership spirit in the next generation, equipping and empowering them with the confidence, resilience, creativity and critical thinking to thrive in their future careers.

Kidpreneurship Extracurricular Program

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s never too late.” We say, “It’s never too early!” Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship.

Youthpreneurship Program

Times have changed. No longer are our students’ thinking solely of getting into a career. Many are now thinking of working for themselves, developing their ideas and becoming entrepreneurs.

Techpreneurship Program

Could your kid be the next Founder of a company like Facebook or Google? We provide students with the Knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success.

Transforming education in Africa by integrating practical entrepreneurial leadership training into the core fiber of our educational system

Our Partner Schools


We partner with schools in Ghana to teach students entrepreneurship, leadership skills and good citizens.

We are contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Africa.


Kidpreneurs Ghana directly supports SDG8 on inclusive growth, productive employment and decent work for all, SDG4 on equitable education and skills development, SDG1 on ending poverty and SDG9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure.


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